Make a donation and win the Rikkers anniversary guitar

A unique challenge for three generations of luthiers

Rikkers Guitars, a respected company in the world of (bass) guitarists, is celebrating its 40th anniversary in a special way this year. Three guitar builders, Ferdinand Rikkers, Jacco Stuitje and Daan Marinus, are going to challenge themselves with a unique project: creating a hand-built guitar in just one day.

The three builders will start on Nov. 19 with a few pieces of wood and a pile of parts. “We’ll keep going until the guitar is complete and to our liking.”

On Saturday, Nov. 25, the 40th anniversary will be celebrated and the finished instrument will be presented. Of course, the entire building process will also be captured on film.

And then the guitar will be raffled off. After all, an instrument is made to be played. Rikkers has decided to raffle the guitar among donors of De Rijdende Popschool. Of course we are very happy with that.

Until December 27, 2023, anyone who donates €10,- to The Riding Popschool Foundation can participate in the raffle of the anniversary guitar. For every additional €10,- you have more chance. The winner will be announced on December 29, 2023.

Staff of Rikkers Guitars and De Rijdende Popschool are excluded from participation.